A New Way to Watermark your Photos in Bulk

There are already plenty of ways to watermark your photos. So, you must be thinking what’s so special in this article.

I had already written an article on this topic before. But a few days ago I found something interesting. So, I thought to write about it.

You have thousands of photos and now putting a watermark one by one can be a time consuming as well as a boring job. But what if I tell you that you can watermark your photos in bulk.

No matter how many photos you have. You can put a watermark on all of them at once. 

But not just you can watermark your photos in bulk but also resize, optimize or rename them as well.

Now the question is how? Well, there is a software called PhotoBulk. All you have to do is drag and drop all the photos in PhotoBulk at once, Import your watermark image or text, Select the size for watermark and then hit “Start”.

Easy right? Let see this step by step.

After opening the software, you’ll see a small window like the image below.

Click on the PhotoBulk logo at the top left for a drop-down menu and then click on “select images” or you can drag and drop images directly. You can import multiple images at once.

The next step is to select your watermark. Click on “watermark” as shown in the image below. Select your watermark type. If you simply put text then select ‘text’ or if you have an image of your watermark you can import them by selecting ‘image’. 

You can select the size, font and adjust the opacity. Then select the area where you want the watermark. You can adjust by dragging the circle in the box.

After everything is done, hit ‘Start’. It’ll ask you to select a folder for the images to save. Select the folder and that’s all.

You can watermark hundreds of your photos simply in a few clicks.

You can get PhotoBulk here—> for windows  or For Mac

I hope you enjoyed this article about “A New Way to Watermark your Photos in Bulk“. Still, If you have any query, confusion or suggestion then you can comment below or contact us.

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