Why I Chose Nikon D3200 as my first DSLR

Why I Chose Nikon D3200 as my first DSLR

These days every newbie asks a common question before buying a DSLR camera to start his/ her journey towards photography. And the question is “Should I buy an entry-level DSLR or an advanced level DSLR  camera?”. So, in this article, I am going to share my experience with using an entry-level DSLR and why I chose Nikon D3200 as my first DSLR.

Why I Chose Nikon D3200 as my first DSLR

Well, I had already written my previous article on ” 5 tips on how to choose a DSLR Camera “. If you didn’t read that article then I would recommend you to go and read that first.

When I started photography I was a student. I was doing a diploma in Graphics designing and animation and decided to start learning photography as well. I bought a Nikon L 810 as my first camera, which is a bridge camera.

my first camera before Nikon D3200

After using it for a few months, I started to feel like I want more manual control over my camera. And I decided to buy a DSLR.

But it was not easy for me to buy a new DSLR as I was a student. But I had to because I want to learn more. So, I sold Nikon L810 for about 8,000 INR. But that was not enough to buy even a crop sensor DSLR camera.

The only option I had was to talk to my parents about a new DSLR and I did.

Nikon D3200

I started to search cheapest DSLR camera on the internet and I found Nikon D3200 which was cheap in price as well as good in quality.

And then I bought a Nikon D3200  which was my first DSLR camera.

I was very happy because now I had a DSLR. And I knew that no matter how cheap the DSLR is, the sensor size is always the same for all crop sensor DSLRs.

Well, the camera and the image quality was better than what I expected at that price range. I like the guide mode in Nikon’s entry-level DSLRs which is very helpful for beginners.

Choosing an entry-level DSLR helped me a lot to know more about DSLR cameras. That’s why I always recommend an entry-level DSLR to newbies.

One thing which is missing in Nikon D3200 is that it doesn’t have a tiltable screen. It is the downside of this DSLR. Because for me this is the most important thing to consider while buying a DSLR which I didn’t. And I don’t want you to make the same mistake.

Nikon D3200 don't have tiltable screen

Without tiltable screen it’s very hard to click extremely low angle shots or if you want to click a photo by putting your camera on the ground.

Although if we ignore the above point then Nikon D3200 is a very good camera at a very cheap price for someone who wants to learn photography. If your budget is low then you should definitely consider this camera.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article about my experience using Nikon D3200. Still, If you have any query, confusion or suggestion then feel free to touch the base with us and contact us.




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