How to make money from your Photos

How to sell photos online and earn money

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This article is very interesting for me as well as for those who love to make money online. And if you are a photographer you have an opportunity to sell photos online. 

I know everyone love to make money, I think it would be a very tough job to find a person who doesn’t want to earn money by sitting at their home.

So in this article, I am going to tell you how you can earn some real money from the photos you have clicked. Maybe you are not a professional photographer or you are just doing photography as a hobby or even if you are a professional photographer.

What if I tell you that you can earn some extra money from your photos. Yes, if you are a photographer and you have loads of photo stock stored on your PC. You can sell photos online and can earn some money.


# Where to sell

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These days most of the people are choosing online marketing. These people need royalty free stock photos.

Also, the authors, designers, and bloggers are in search of quality photos to put on their blog and business. So there are some websites who are selling photos to these business owners.

In simple words what these websites are doing is, they take photos from photographers and sell them to the person who wants these photo for commercial use. In return, these websites offer some royalty to the photographer whose photo is being purchased.

# How to sell photos online

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To sell your photos on these websites, you just have to signup as a contributor. After that you can submit your photos to these websites, they will review your photos and approve it if your photos meet their guidelines. Most sites offer 20% to 60% royalty per sale to the photographer.


# Which type of photos people want to buy

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Nowadays, Bloggers and website owners mostly purchase photos from these websites as they need attractive eye catchy images for their post. The type of photos they want are:

  1. Photos of people
  2. Photos of people working (at office, carpenter etc)
  3. Travel photos
  4. Landscape photos
  5. Photos of objects (Screws, medication, computer, tools etc)
  6. Photos of animals
  7. Pictures of employees
  8. Close up photos
  9. Photos of festivals

Here I made a list of websites where you can sign up as a contributor and start selling your photos.

where to sell photos online

These are the websites where you can sell photos online and earn a royalty. I hope this article is helpful for you if you are in a search of secondary income source. If you have any query related to this you can contact us or you can comment below.


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